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Counselors at PAMS work hard to get to know all students and build a bond to help with their social-emotional wellbeing.  We are here to help students feel welcome, and show them that they belong to the PAMS family.  Students should feel free to reach out to a counselor - we are here for you!  We understand that middle school is a challenging time with many ups and downs and we are here for any concerns students may have. Your counselors are also here to support and build Academic Goals for students.   We will also meet with students to begin building Career Goals to help students succeed in the future.

PAMS OLWEUS Anti-Bullying Information

PAMS has been working hard to teach students ways to stop bullying at school, at home, and on social media.  If you feel that you are being bullied, or have seen another student being bullied please follow the links below to our Bully Prevention website and fill out a bullying form to help your fellow classmates.  As we have learned from Serious Superhero Stuff with Steve... and Mike. "You are not getting someone in trouble, you are getting someone OUT of trouble!"   You can also find the form on the BPT tab on your canvas homepage.

PAMS Bullying Prevention Webpage
Bullying Information and Support

Additional Student Resources

Online Academic Support
Tips to Help With Tough Situations

Academic Goals

PAMS Counselors are here to help students and families build skills to become successful in life including study habits and time management skills. We work to create a supportive and educational environment to help students reach their full potential through academic success. Please feel free to reach out to your counselor for any help that you feel you need with your academics. 

Academic Goals for Middle School Students:

  • Students will develop effective study habits
  • Students will become aware of how choices can influence future educational opportunities
  • Students will learn how to access help from teachers and professional staff

PA Dept. of Ed. - Study Skills Sites 
Study Guide Techniques
The Middle School Learner
Study Techniques

Career Goals

The middle school counseling department works with students to build college and career-ready skills in alignment with the Academic Standards for Career Education and Work. Each year students complete two projects to add to their career portfolio. The projects relate to career awareness and preparation, career acquisition, career retention and advancement, and entrepreneurship.

Please talk to your school counselor and make sure that you have completed the two projects for your portfolio each year.

Career Goals for PAMS Middle School Students:

  • Students will learn about themselves in relation to the world of work
  • Students will investigate all possibilities and understand how their work at PAMS will influence their choices in high school and beyond
  • Students will discover where their interests lie so they can make informed career decisions

Career Websites:

Career Interests
Career Exploration

College Planning and Funding

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