Special Interest Clubs

Adventures in Teaching:
Students who are interested in teaching or learning about how teaching works.  Students will participate in hands-on activities, discussions, and then get the opportunity to prepare and present a lesson to the K-3rd grade population.
Advisor: Mrs. Grey and Mrs. Ciruelos

Anime Club:
Anime Club is a group committed to appreciating and learning about Japanese culture, especially the Japanese art style also known as Anime or Manga when in book form. Some of the club activities include watching anime television shows and films, lessons on Japanese culture, and just getting a better understanding of Japan.
Advisor: Mr. Madyun

Board Game Club:
Monopoly! Dungeons and Dragons! One Night Ultimate Werewolf! Spyfall! These are only some of the many possibilities of games that you can play with your friends. Explore old classics, hidden role games, and new group games made to make you laugh!
Advisor: Sasha McCarthy

Bounce Back Club:
Introducing the Bounce Back Club, where we turn challenges into opportunities, setbacks into comebacks. Our main goal is to bounce back from challenges and use our resiliency skills. Students will participate in academic conversations and activities geared towards resiliency and preparing for high school success.  We will attend team building field trips, local colleges/tech schools and local non-profits and businesses.  This club exclusively caters to students in the 7th and 8th grades.
Advisor: Mrs. Son

Card Game Club:
Are you hungry for adventure? Seeking new knowledge? Or just a lover of fun and games?  The Collectable Card Game and Tabletop RPG Club is seeking adventurers to play games like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and more! Come visit new worlds with great friends.
Advisor: Ms. Williams

Chess Club:
New and Experienced Players. This is a great place to take the next steps in learning openings, strategy, end game, and having lots of fun. It’s your move!
Advisor: Mr. Bonnell

Cursive Club:
Do you want to write holiday cards in cursive? The cursive club will be using the Handwriting Without Tears program to learn the basic movements and letters. We will be making holiday cards for both the winter holidays.
Advisor: Nicole Coppola

Enjoy Some Learning Club:
A club all about having fun while learning English!    We will play games, make food and create crafts. We will have some good old-fashioned fun… while practicing English!!
Advisor: Mrs. Werley

Fantasy Gaming Club:
ALL ADVENTURES WANTED!!! The Fantasy Gaming Club is seeking adventurers old and new to play the classic table-top role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons as well as card games like Magic: the Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! Come explore new worlds with great friends.
Advisor: Mr. Carney & Mr. Stackhouse

Lego Club:
For all designers and builders, join us each week to create your own design, compete in challenges, develop ideas with other builders, learn how the Lego set designers design some of your favorite sets and show off your work. All you need is a love of Legos!
Advisor: Susan Bakay

Minecraft Club:
Minecraft Club allows students to collaboratively work together in various Minecraft worlds. The challenges are mainly student-driven and often change from week to week. Whether it be quick builds in creative, getting to the “End” in survival, or something in between, students will work together to accomplish their tasks. The club utilizes Minecraft Education Edition, and the software is loaded onto school computers. Personal laptops and other versions of the game will not be used. All are welcome!
Advisor: Mr Stackhouse

Rubik’s Cube Club: 
Rubik's Cube Club is a club for anyone who wants to learn how to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube (even if you have never picked up a cube) or get faster at solving them. It is also a place to meet other cubers socially, build new friendships, and participate in friendly speed competitions.  
Advisor: Ms. Blackburn 
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