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2023-24 Club Info:

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Academic Team:

The Academic Team is an extracurricular club at PAMS that promotes, encourages, and facilitates strength through knowledge across ALL subjects and content areas. This club is for students who currently possess a lot of knowledge, have an enjoyment for learning all that they can, and want to put that knowledge to good use.

All students on the Academic Team will participate in the Chester County Knowledge Bowl.  Knowledge Bowl is a competition in which school teams are matched together to compete against each other to see who possesses the best general knowledge from all areas and has the most brain power!
Meeting Times: Fridays, 3:00-3:45 PM (Starting in November)
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mr. Lee


Adventures in Teaching:
Students who are interested in teaching or learning about how teaching works.  Students will participate in hands-on activities, discussions, and then get the opportunity to prepare and present a lesson to the K-3rd grade population.
Meeting Times: alternate weeks starting in November
Meeting Location: Library 3-4pm
Advisor: Mrs. Grey and Mrs. Ciruelos


Anime Club:
Anime Club is a group committed to appreciating and learning about Japanese culture, especially the Japanese art style also known as Anime or Manga when in book form. Some of the club activities include watching anime television shows and films, lessons on Japanese culture, and just getting a better understanding of Japan.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mr. Madyun

Archery Club:

Archery Club allows students to better their archery skills. Beginners learn the basics of archery while others increase their skills. The Archery Club meets in the evenings during the months of January and February. All equipment is provided.  It’s a fun and relaxing time for the students.  All middle school students are welcome to participate.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Middle School Gym
Advisor: Mr. Leister

Best Buddies Club:

Best Buddies is a global organization dedicated to creating opportunities for friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the Middle School level, students in the club will get the opportunity to play games and form friendships with their peers who have disabilities, in a supportive and fun environment. All students are welcome!
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mr. Madyun


Board Game Club:
Monopoly! Dungeons and Dragons! One Night Ultimate Werewolf! Spyfall! These are only some of the many possibilities of games that you can play with your friends. Explore old classics, hidden role games, and new group games made to make you laugh!
Meeting Times: Twice a month on Wednesdays
Meeting Location: Rm 318
Advisor: Sasha McCarthy

Bounce Back Club:
Introducing the Bounce Back Club, where we turn challenges into opportunities, setbacks into comebacks. Our main goal is to bounce back from challenges and use our resiliency skills. Students will participate in academic conversations and activities geared towards resiliency and preparing for high school success.  We will attend team building field trips, local colleges/tech schools and local non-profits and businesses.  This club exclusively caters to students in the 7th and 8th grades.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mrs. Son


This club is an ensemble of students showcasing their creativity and musical talents. Using trash cans, buckets and other percussion instruments, students will learn the fundamentals of percussion while exploring various rhythms, styles, and techniques.
Meeting Times: Starting in October
Meeting Location: Auditorium
Advisor: Mrs. Trafford


Card Game Club:
Are you hungry for adventure? Seeking new knowledge? Or just a lover of fun and games?  The Collectable Card Game and Tabletop RPG Club is seeking adventurers to play games like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and more! Come visit new worlds with great friends.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: 212
Advisor: Ms. Williams


Chamber Strings:
Chamber Strings is the extra-curricular music ensemble for orchestra.  It is for orchestral students that would like a more rigorous and challenging string experience and have the desire to perform more often including off-campus performances.  The group is mainly comprised of 7th and 8th grade students.  6th graders may audition with the invitation or permission of the director based on the needs of the ensemble, a person’s prior experience, and/or a superior playing ability need.  Entrance to the ensemble is upon receipt of a successful audition in three parts, 1) Scale- play the scale as assigned, 2) Prepared Piece- choose any piece to play that highlights your abilities, 3) Sight-Reading- playing a piece that you have never seen before.  It will be a piece that is planned to be programmed for Chamber Strings during the year.
Meeting Times: Bi-Weekly Thursdays, 3-5 PM
Meeting Location: Room 115
Advisor: Mr. Lee


Chess Club:
New and Experienced Players. Email Mr. Bonnell for CANVAS invitation and meeting links. We meet the first and third Thursday each month. If you have conflicts with the schedule it is still possible to join. This is a great place to take the next steps in learning openings, strategy, end game, and having lots of fun. It’s your move!
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: Band Room
Advisor: Mr. Bonnell


Students in Club RISE participate in weekly service projects that cultivate school pride.  Students are required to participate in at least three service projects per year.  For the service projects, students help staff in students redeeming Phantom Phunds weekly by the student body.  Through the interactions with peers, members of the club are training to be superheroes within both the school and community.
Meeting Times: Weekly
Meeting Location: Rm. 108
Advisor: Mrs. Darby, Mrs. Grassley, and Mrs. Radatti


Creative Writing Club:
Calling all writers! Creative writing club is your chance to write, collaborate, and share your stories with your peers! Looking for a new writing challenge? Or maybe just a place to write in peace? Then creative writing club is the club for you!
Meeting Times: Twice a month on Thursdays (Fall and Winter only)
Meeting Location: Rm 318
Advisor: Ms. McCarthy


Cursive Club:
Do you want to write holiday cards in cursive? The cursive club will be using the Handwriting Without Tears program to learn the basic movements and letters. We will be making holiday cards for both the winter holidays.
Meeting Times: Tuesdays starting September 28- December 12 (Monday October 30)
Meeting Location: room 208
Advisor: Nicole Coppola


Destinations with Directions:
Destinations with Directions is an academic club, at the Middle and High School, that helps the student identify interests in possible future post-secondary plans.  This club meets twice a month with field trips to local colleges, facilities, etc. Discussions include, but are not limited to, thoughts on 2 year vs. 4 year colleges, financial aid, trade programs and schooling, etc. This is an invitation only club and you will receive an email if you are invited and is proudly funded by PCEF!
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mr. Thomas


Digital Photography Club:
We will learn how to use various advanced features on a digital camera while exploring different ways to compose photos. Members will learn how to use photo editing software and create a mini portfolio of pictures they take themselves. If students have access to their own digital SRL camera we can examine more advanced features. However, students can simply use a personal phone or tablet camera or borrow one if needed.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Room 116
Advisor: Mr. Guidotti


Enjoy Some Learning Club:
A club all about having fun while learning English!    We will play games, make food and create crafts. We will have some good old-fashioned fun… while practicing English!!
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Mrs. Werley


Fantasy Gaming Club:
ALL ADVENTURES WANTED!!! The Fantasy Gaming Club is seeking adventurers old and new to play the classic table-top role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons as well as card games like Magic: the Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! Come explore new worlds with great friends.
Meeting Times: 3:00 – 4:00
Meeting Location: 316 & 110
Advisor: Mr. Carney & Mr. Stackhouse


French Club:
French club will participate in French language and Francophone (French speaking) cultural activities. Throughout the year, our activities will be inspired by celebrations and culture from around the Francophone world. Students will have the opportunity to practice their French and/or teach clubmates who are not current French students. This year we will complete a service project to be decided in the first couple of weeks we meet. You do not have to be a French student to join the club. We welcome all students.
Meeting Times: Every other week starting early October and at other announced times throughout the year.
Meeting Location: Room 203
Advisor:  Madame Belinsky


Futsal Club:
Futsal is an indoor soccer game. The program will be run in the mornings at 7:00am. One game will be played each morning. You will create a team of 6 and play 5v5 round robin tournament style games. Rules will be given each morning. This will run during the winter months.
Meeting time: before school 7am
Meeting location: gym
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger

Fall Garden Club: 
Are you interested in learning about growing and maintaining flowers, vegetables and herbs? Fall Garden Club students will have an opportunity to manage the well-established summer garden, learn about pruning, weeding, garden pests, harvesting food and seeds. Additionally, students will plant fall crops from seedlings and prepare the garden beds for the winter. All food harvested is donated to Ann’s Heart in Phoenixville. Come grow with us. Interested students should email Ms. Blackburn,
[email protected], to be added to the Canvas class for meeting dates and other information.
Meeting Times: After school, 3-4 pm – various days August to October 
Meeting Location: We will meet at the café entrance and walk out to the garden together.
Advisor: Ms. Blackburn


Spring Garden Club: 
Are you interested in learning how to grow your own food? Did you know PAMS has 8 large, raised garden beds? Spring Garden Club will focus on preparing and planting the raised garden beds. We will learn how to plant vegetables, herbs and flowers from both seedlings and seeds. We will also learn about companion planting, trellising vegetables and composting. The garden will continue to flourish over the summer and students can volunteer to continue their work in the garden over the summer (not required). All food harvested is donated to Ann’s Heart in Phoenixville. Come grow with us. Interested students should email Ms. Blackburn,
[email protected], to be added to the Canvas class for meeting dates and other information.
Meeting Times: After school, 3-4 pm – various days April to June 
Meeting Location: We will meet at the café entrance and walk out to the garden together.
Advisor: Ms. Blackburn


Girls Lead:
Women’s Resource Center is a local nonprofit agency which offers a “Girls Lead” program at select schools. 20 girls that have shown leadership potential are invited to participate. The sessions focus on building communication skills, conflict-resolution, enhancing decision-making skills and problem-solving. As a group, the participants will create a Leadership Project to address a concern in their school or community. Additionally, members will attend a half-day virtual Girls Lead Conference, together with participants from all other sites.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Rm 101
Advisor: Ms. Holmes


GSA is a club open to ALL students who are passionate about EQUALITY.  GSA promotes awareness and acceptance and seeks to educate and inspire.  Meetings will consist of discussions, games, activities and more.  Come to learn, to make new friends, or simply to listen.  Anyone with an open mind is welcome!
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: Room 302
Advisors: Mrs. Ciruelos


Healthy Strides:
For all grades 6th-8th.  Afterschool group to provide a place for walkers/runners around PAMS. Provide goals for you. Provide places to walk, Nutritional tips and snacks. Learn proper exercise and eating habits. Gain motivation for a healthier lifestyle.
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: gym lobby
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger


Juggling Club:
Learn the basics of juggling! Students will learn the basics of 3-prop and 4-prop juggling. Some balls/props will be provided, but it is encouraged to bring props from home. All are welcome!
Meeting Times: Mondays, 3:00-4:00
Meeting Location: Room #110
Advisor: Mr Stackhouse


Latin Club:
This organization focuses on the ancient Latin language and Greco-Roman culture to anyone interested in the Classics.  One doesn’t have to be a Latin student to join the group.  The club holds many Roman-style activities, including the celebration of the winter holiday of Saturnalia, the screening of classically-inspired films, Certamen (Greco-Roman trivia competition), Ides of March Festivities (possibly including an assassin fundraiser), a Roman banquet, and Rome’s birthday in April. The club also strives each year to involve students in the Philadelphia Classical Society’s Latin Week Competition.  Meeting dates and location TBD. Email Magister Castagna for more information at [email protected].
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor: Magister Castagna


Lego Club:
For all designers and builders, join us each week to create your own design, compete in challenges, develop ideas with other builders, learn how the Lego set designers design some of your favorite sets and show off your work. All you need is a love of Legos!
Meeting Times: Tuesdays starting Oct. 10. Ends at 4:00pm.
Meeting Location: Room 328
Advisor: Susan Bakay


Math 24 Club:
The Math 24 Club is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and practices math fluency using all operations on a competitive level. Students are invited to work at their own pace and develop the necessary skills to be successful.
Meeting Location: Room 218
Advisor: Mrs. Gray

Math Counts Club:
The Math Counts Club is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and solves multiple step word problems using higher order thinking skills and mathematical knowledge. Students are invited to work at their own pace and develop the necessary skills to be successful.
Meeting Location: Room 218
Advisor: Mrs. Gray


Minecraft Club:
Minecraft Club allows students to collaboratively work together in various Minecraft worlds. The challenges are mainly student-driven and often change from week to week. Whether it be quick builds in creative, getting to the “End” in survival, or something in between, students will work together to accomplish their tasks. The club utilizes Minecraft Education Edition, and the software is loaded onto school computers. Personal laptops and other versions of the game will not be used. All are welcome!
Meeting Times: Tuesdays 3:00-4:00
Meeting Location: Room #112
Advisor: Mr Stackhouse


Newspaper Club:
The PAMS Press is a perfect club for all aspiring writers and reporters! Survey the school and keep your community in the loop with events, special stories, and other community happenings. Work together to brainstorm, plan, write, and publish your own newspaper for your peers, teachers, and community members!
Meeting Times: Twice a month on Tuesdays
Meeting Location: Rm 318
Advisor: Ms. McCarthy


PAMS Talent Show:
Phoenixville’s Got Talent gives the opportunity for all students to display their talents and enhance their communication skills in an artistic way. This club teaches students how to be confident, how to communicate and how to present themselves in front of an audience. Our goal is also to teach students how to be a good audience and learn to appreciate diversity. Students will also   develop material for performance packages.
Meeting Times: Spring
Meeting Location: PAMS Auditorium
Advisor: Mrs. Trafford


PAMS Talent Show Tech:
Students will work on the lights, sound and stage crew for the Talent Show. More information will be available in the Spring.
Meeting Times:Spring
Meeting Location: Auditorium
Advisor: Ms Darby


Pickle Ball Club:
Learn to new most popular game out there. Fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. Pickleball is a net game played with four people. Quick games, rules, strategies, skills and tournaments.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Gym
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger


Rubik’s Cube Club: 
Rubik's Cube Club is a club for anyone who wants to learn how to solve the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube (even if you have never picked up a cube) or get faster at solving them. It is also a place to meet other cubers socially, build new friendships, and participate in friendly speed competitions.  

Please email Ms. Blackburn, [email protected], and share your 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube solving ability level. Select one of the following four levels: new to cubing, intermediate/limited solving ability, successful solver - untimed, master solver - can solve in under 1 minute. Please bring your own Cube if you have one to our meetings. Meeting Times: Afterschool 
Meeting Location: Exact Dates TBD but the club will run in January and February.  
Advisor: Ms. Blackburn 



Ski and Snowboard 6th Grade:
The Phoenixville Ski and Snowboard Club cannot wait to hit the slopes this year!  6th grade ski club will be taking 2 trips to local ski resorts during the 2023 ski season.  Any 6th grade student may participate in ski club.  Hit the slopes with your friends this season during our trips, you can attend all of the trips or choose what fits your schedule and budget.
Meeting Times: After school and weekends.
Meeting Locations: Meet at PAMS, bus to slopes.
Advisor:  Mr. Wasson / Mrs. Stankiewitch


Ski and Snowboarding Club 7th & 8th Grade:
The Phoenixville Ski and Snowboard Club cannot wait to hit the slopes again this year!  Enjoy the excitement of skiing or snowboarding as you visit Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Blue Mountain Resort.  The ski club is for all levels of students, but we cannot set up lessons because of time restraints.  Hit the slopes with your friends this season during our trips, you can attend all of the trips or choose what fits your schedule and budget. Any 7th or 8th grader may participate in the ski club.  Listen to the daily announcements for meeting information at the beginning of November.
Meeting Times: After school Weekends
Meeting Location: Meet at PAMS, bus to slopes.
Advisor: C. SavilleG. Krueger

Spartan Club:
This is our 15th year of spartan club. We meet in the mornings with lots of energy and lots of hard work. It is to help prepare us for a spartan race. Even if you don’t do the race, we do everything that would get you ready to conquer the mountain. If you sign up for Spartan club, be prepared to work hard and play hard. Rock climbing, ropes, running, sandbag carries, lots of burpees and tons of teamwork!
Meeting Times: 7am
Meeting Location: Gym
Advisor: G. Krueger / C. Saville


Tennis Club:
After school for 6th grade only for the fall. We will begin at the beginning of November. Learning tennis skills, scoring, playing and games.
Meeting Times: After School
Meeting Location: gym
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger


Triva Club
The trivia club will be a place where a multitude of trivia ideas will be explored and participated in…pop culture, music, sports, history, fun facts etc. The club will compete against each other to check knowledge of student’s abilities to area of content. Kids will play jeopardy or other versions of popular trivia games.
Meeting Times: Last Tuesday of every month
Meeting Location: room 324
Advisor: Mr. Gubanich


TRU (TATU) - Tobacco Resistance Unit/Teens Against Tobacco Use
The students in this club help educate younger students on the effects of tobacco, peer pressure, tobacco advertising and the positive aspects of being tobacco free. Students will become advocates for tobacco free communities and participate in Kick Butts Day as well as possibly a trip to the Capital in Harrisburg to meet with State Leaders regarding eliminating tobacco from our schools and communities!
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Nurse's Office
Advisors:  Mrs. Ferrara & Mrs. Evans

Vocal Ensemble:
An auditioned group of singers in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. You must be in chorus to audition. We practice twice a week after school and perform in the school concerts. We also compete in Hershey at the end of the school year. Auditions are in September, please sign-up outside room 115. See Ms. Darby for an information sheet.
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: Auditorium
Advisor: Ms Darby


Volleyball Club:
Boys and girls in grades 6 through 8 will learn the fundamentals of the sport, while engaging in fun scrimmages and competitions.  No experience is necessary!   All skill levels are welcome! This is a great opportunity for newer players to learn the game before joining the school team. We will also complete a community service project during our time together!  Athletic clothing and shoes are required (no sandals, jeans, ballet flats, etc.), as well as a water bottle.  Come volley and have a ball!
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: PAMS Gym
Advisor: Mrs. Stankiewitch

W.A.T.E.R Club:
PAMS students will be going to various places outside of the building to observe aquatic life and explore the rivers and creeks. They will be involved in water-based activities including fishing, snorkeling, touring local water treatment plants, conducting local service projects, and testing water quality in local creeks.
Meeting Times: Spring 2024
Meeting Location: Mr. Parris Room 221 (Field Trips included)
Advisor: Mr. Parris


Winter Track Club:
Each year after the holiday break, Winter Track club starts up here at PAMS. We meet 2-3 times a week for approximately an hour workout. The focus is on building core strength that would benefit any sport, from baseball to lacrosse or track. We look forward to another successful winter track club this year.
Meeting Times:  TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Advisor:  Mr. Gabb / Mrs. Krueger


Yoga Club: (Morning)
Peaceful start to your day. We will meet on Friday mornings for stretching, meditation, mindfulness relaxation. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Be prepared to be relaxed.. We will begin late November.
Meeting Times:
Meeting Location: Gym
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger


3 V 3 Basketball club: (mornings)
We will meet before the season to sharpen those basketball skills. You will chose your team of four. It is a round robin tournament played in the mornings. You will play two games I the morning.
Meeting Times: Before School
Meeting Location: gym
Advisor: Mrs. Krueger

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