Staff Directory

Phoenixville Area Middle School Staff Directory
Main Office - 484-927-5200
Main Office Fax - 484-933-9048
Guidance Office - 484-927-5214
Guidance Fax - 610-933-9034
Nurse - 484-927-5252
Cafeteria - 484-927-5243 or 5244

Early dismissal and absentee notes can be
communicated via phone or email.

Attendance Phone: 484-927-5262
Attendance Email: [email protected]

Please dial 484-927-5075 and enter the extension when prompted.
Position: Email: Ext.
 Dr. Chamise Taylor [email protected]  5210
Assistant Principals
 Dr. Brad Burpee [email protected]  5247
 Mr. Kyle Worrell [email protected]  5222

Main Office Secretaries
Karin Meyer [email protected]  5206
Tracey Sortman [email protected]  5205
Guidance Office Secretary
Kim Hennessy [email protected]  5214
Nicole Ferrara [email protected] 5252
Shira Thornton [email protected]
Guidance Counselors
Andruczyk, Kellyanne, 8th
[email protected]  5224
Daley, Monica, 7th
[email protected]  5225
Keenan, Gina, 6th [email protected]

School Psychologist    
Pathappillil, Jessy, Dr. [email protected] 5204
Student Academics and Resiliency Advisor Alexis Boswell  5162
 School Support Professional    
 Meikrantz, Meghan [email protected]  
Teaching Staff
6th Grade    
Cesarski, Michael [email protected]  2505
Clark, Lauren [email protected]  2532
Coppola, Nicole [email protected]  2517
Freeman, Lisa [email protected]  
Gray, Lisa
[email protected]
Gubanich, Tyler [email protected]  
Holmes, Gabrielle [email protected]  
Jackson, Brittany [email protected]  
Lafferty, Katie [email protected]  
Mazak, Dorene
[email protected]
Meiser, Gabriel [email protected]  
McDonnell, Mark [email protected]
McGillian, Tracey
[email protected]
Parris, Ben [email protected]  
Plaxe, Brianna
[email protected]
Scioli, Samantha
S[email protected]  2523
Welte, Denise
[email protected]
Williams, Leigha [email protected] 2020
 7th Grade    
Campbell, Lauren [email protected]  2504
Carney, Ian
[email protected]
Ciruelos, Kathryn [email protected]  2565
Donnelly, Michael
[email protected]
Alexandra Gottschall [email protected]  
Holmes, Gabrielle [email protected]  
Hoshaw, Christopher [email protected]
Jackson, Brittany [email protected]  
McCarthy, Alexandra (Sasha)
[email protected]
Parris, Ben [email protected]  
Saville, David [email protected]  2544
Scioli, Samantha
[email protected]
Short, Jason
[email protected]
Wasson, Dan [email protected]  2558
8th Grade    
Bakay, Susan [email protected]  
Butz, Kevin [email protected]  2506
Clarke, David [email protected]  2507
Curry, Christian [email protected]  2509
Gaffney, Debbie
[email protected]
Otis, Steven
[email protected]
Radatti, Deana
[email protected]
Sturgeon, Jack
[email protected]
Sylvan, Dan [email protected]  
Trievel, Trena [email protected]  
Walters, Jessica
[email protected]
Wasson, Dan
[email protected]
Foreign Language    
DeCaro, Kerri [email protected]  2572
Praesent, Marylouise [email protected]  2540
Quinn, Meghan [email protected]  1547
Tavani, Christine [email protected]  
Thomas, Jordan [email protected]
Thornton, Aamina
[email protected]
Saville, Carl [email protected] 5297
Spinelli, Ben
[email protected]
Bogota, Ana [email protected]
Sokol, Elizabeth [email protected]  2545
Werley, Eva
[email protected]
Family & Consumer Science 
& Financial Literacy
 Grassley, Rachael [email protected]  
Wallace, Cassidy
[email protected]  2547
Health and Physical Education    
Huston, Robert [email protected]  2525
Krueger, Gretchen
[email protected]
Leister, Brian
[email protected]
Nyce, Nicole
[email protected]
Golightly, Scott [email protected]  
Coffman, Barbara (clerk)
[email protected]
Bonnell, William [email protected]  5234
Darby, Amy [email protected]  2511
Lee, Shawn [email protected]  2501
Trafford, Christine [email protected]  2554
Special Education    
 Brewer, Julianna [email protected]  
Cain, Danielle [email protected]  2571
Colley, Danielle
[email protected]
Fausnaught, Karen
[email protected]
Hall, Jonathan
[email protected]
Hallinan, Stacie [email protected]  
Lorenz, Brittney [email protected] 2561
Markham, Leah [email protected]  
Mazak, Dorene M[email protected]  
Meister, Gabrielle [email protected]
Schuck, Renee
[email protected]
Wilson, Wendy
[email protected]
Stankiewitch, Emily
[email protected]

Reading Specialist    
Bakay, Susan [email protected]  
Jackson, Brittany
[email protected]
Gabb, Jonathan
[email protected]
Guidotti, Chris [email protected]  
Holderer, Susan
[email protected]
Trievel, Trena [email protected]  
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