Staff Directory

Phoenixville Area Middle School Staff Directory
Main Office - 484-927-5200
Main Office Fax - 484-933-9048
Guidance Office - 484-927-5214
Guidance Fax - 610-933-9034
Nurse - 484-927-5252
Cafeteria - 484-927-5243 or 5244

Early dismissal and absentee notes can be
communicated via phone or email.

Attendance Phone: 484-927-5262
Attendance Email: [email protected]

Please dial 484-927-5075 and enter the extension when prompted.
Position:   Ext.
 Dr. Chamise Taylor
Assistant Principals
Dr. Brad Burpee
Mr. Kyle Worrell

Main Office Secretaries
Karin Meyer
Tracey Sortman
Guidance Office Secretary
Kim Hennessy
Nicole Ferrara
Shira Thornton
Guidance Counselors
Andruczyk, Kellyanne, 6th

Daley, Monica, 8th

Keenan, Gina, 7th

School Psychologist    
Pathappillil, Jessy, Dr.
Student Academics and Resiliency Advisor

Alexis Boswell     5162
 School Support Professional    
Meikrantz, Meghan
Teaching Staff
6th Grade    
Cesarski, Michael
Clark, Lauren
Coppola, Nicole
DePasqua, Noah    
Freeman, Lisa
Gray, Lisa

Gubanich, Tyler
Holmes, Gabrielle
Jackson, Brittany
Lafferty, Katie
Mazak, Dorene

Meiser, Gabriel
McDonnell, Mark
Parris, Ben
Plaxe, Brianna

Welte, Denise

Williams, Leigha
 7th Grade    
Campbell, Lauren
Carney, Ian

Ciruelos, Kathryn
DePasqua, Noah    
Donnelly, Michael

Gubanich, Tyler    
Alexandra Gottschall
Holmes, Gabrielle
Hoshaw, Christopher
Jackson, Brittany
McCarthy, Alexandra (Sasha)

Parris, Ben
Saville, David
Short, Jason

Wasson, Dan
Wilby, Alexandra    
8th Grade    
Bakay, Susan [email protected]  
Butz, Kevin [email protected]  2506
Clarke, David [email protected]  2507
Curry, Christian [email protected]  2509
Gaffney, Debbie
[email protected]
Otis, Steven
[email protected]
Radatti, Deana
[email protected]
Sturgeon, Jack
[email protected]
Sylvan, Dan [email protected]  
Trievel, Trena [email protected]  
Walters, Jessica
[email protected]
Wasson, Dan
[email protected]
Foreign Language    
DeCaro, Kerri [email protected]  2572
Praesent, Marylouise [email protected]  2540
Quinn, Meghan [email protected]  1547
Tavani, Christine [email protected]  
Thomas, Jordan [email protected]
Thornton, Aamina
[email protected]
Saville, Carl [email protected] 5297
Spinelli, Ben
[email protected]
Bogota, Ana [email protected]
Sokol, Elizabeth [email protected]  2545
Werley, Eva
[email protected]
Family & Consumer Science 
& Financial Literacy
 Grassley, Rachael [email protected]  
Wallace, Cassidy
[email protected]  2547
Health and Physical Education    
Huston, Robert [email protected]  2525
Krueger, Gretchen
[email protected]
Leister, Brian
[email protected]
Nyce, Nicole
[email protected]
Golightly, Scott [email protected]  
Coffman, Barbara (clerk)
[email protected]
Bonnell, William [email protected]  5234
Darby, Amy [email protected]  2511
Lee, Shawn [email protected]  2501
Trafford, Christine [email protected]  2554
Special Education    
 Brewer, Julianna [email protected]  
Cain, Danielle [email protected]  2571
Colley, Danielle
[email protected]
Fausnaught, Karen
[email protected]
Hall, Jonathan
[email protected]
Hallinan, Stacie [email protected]  
Lorenz, Brittney [email protected] 2561
Markham, Leah [email protected]  
Mazak, Dorene [email protected]  
Meister, Gabrielle [email protected]
Schuck, Renee
[email protected]
Wilson, Wendy
[email protected]
Stankiewitch, Emily
[email protected]

Reading Specialist    
Bakay, Susan [email protected]  
Jackson, Brittany
[email protected]
Gabb, Jonathan
[email protected]
Guidotti, Chris [email protected]  
Holderer, Susan
[email protected]
Trievel, Trena [email protected]  
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